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Custom Homebuilding

As meticulous craftsmen with a long history of challenging and successful custom home build projects, we have experience in virtually every aspect of residential construction, from the basics (plumbing, electrical, millwork, masonry, and painting) to the cutting edge (geothermal heating and cooling, stone roofing, green building and design, custom forge work, and more.)

We know that regular and honest communication is the best ingredient for a smooth and satisfying project. We will schedule regular updates with you and maintain consistent contact with every member of the build team to make certain that everyone is always moving toward a positive and successful outcome.

Our proven method, paired with forty-five years of experience, ensures an outstanding product with great quality and value: the trademark of Von Salmi & Associates.

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Boston Globe Interviews Von Salmi

"Whodunit? Bullet fragments, bloodstains, and DNA samples are the clues for crime investigators. But for construction forensics specialists like Von Salmi, telltale signs can range from a bit of mold or a rotten baseboard, often symptomatic of a bigger issue."