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Von Salmi & Associates, Inc. work regularly with the following companies, each of which we hold in high regard for their innovation, dedication to craft, and proven ability to help us bring your project '...home to quality'.

· Brisk Water Proofing Company Inc.
· Gregory Lombardi Design Incorporated
· Valley Crest Landscaping Companies
· Kenneth Castellucci & Associates Inc.
· Village Electric
· Sawyer Infrared

Von Salmi and Associates are proud members of the following organizations:
· American Society of Landscape Architects
· National Association of the Remodeling Industry
· National Association of the Remodeling Industry Eastern Massachusetts Chapter
· Builders Association of Greater Boston
· Massachusetts Home Builders Association
· National Association of Home Builders
· Boston Society of Landscape Architects


construction forensic specialist metro west massachusetts

Boston Globe Interviews Von Salmi

"Whodunit? Bullet fragments, bloodstains, and DNA samples are the clues for crime investigators. But for construction forensics specialists like Von Salmi, telltale signs can range from a bit of mold or a rotten baseboard, often symptomatic of a bigger issue."