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Homeowner Representation

Renovating or building a home is a complicated process. Managing all of the various subcontractors, from excavator, landscaper, plumbers and electricians to masons, roofers, and more, while working within a set budget as issues and unforeseen problems arise is a full time job.

That’s where we come in. As your homeowner’s representative, we’ll adopt your vision and guard your interests respectfully and amicably as we shepherd your project from initial plan to final results. We ensure that priorities are maintained and keep your team accountable for cost, quality, and schedule. Our homeowner representation services are available to whatever extent you require, from total project management to just selected segments of your project.

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Boston Globe Interviews Von Salmi

"Whodunit? Bullet fragments, bloodstains, and DNA samples are the clues for crime investigators. But for construction forensics specialists like Von Salmi, telltale signs can range from a bit of mold or a rotten baseboard, often symptomatic of a bigger issue."