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& Associates

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Welcome to Von Salmi and Associates, Inc.

At Von Salmi & Associates, we are experienced master homebuilders who have been constructing and renovating exceptional houses in the Greater Boston and Metro West for decades. Our depth of experience gives us the ability to visualize the big picture without missing any of the crucial details that make great houses work for you and last for the centuries.

We also are considered to be one of the industry’s leading residential construction forensics experts. We work with and provide support to homeowners, builders, and legal teams. We know that building is a process. When followed correctly, successful outcomes occur. However, when the process isn’t followed correctly, we are here to help.

If you are faced with an issue and your team can’t identify the problem or come to an agreement, we will determine exactly what happened, who is responsible, and the proper and fair steps to remedy the issue. If legal action is necessary, we are experienced expert witnesses who can testify to the factual evidence and our findings.

Hoping to avoid problems in the first place? We will work with you from the beginning of your build or renovation project as the Homeowner’s Representative, meeting with the architect(s), designer(s), contractor(s) and sub-contractor(s) to make sure that your vision is fulfilled and issues are forecasted, addressed appropriately, and resolved so you won’t have to worry, now or later.

Expert Witness Services

As experienced in arbitration and court as we are on the job site. We are accepted as expert witnesses in state and federal courts.

Construction Forensics

We are your ultimate resource for problem solving your building and site.

Homeowner Representation

Renovating or building a home can be very stressful. Engage us during the build process to ensure the budget, quality, and scheduling needs are all met. We work in collaboration with the design and build team to provide a quality experience for all parties involved and to produce an exceptional home.